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Our American Family (NR)

September 7, 2023

September 7, 2023

7 PM

Lincoln Theater and Healthy Lincoln County are pleased to present a free screening of the documentary feature film OUR AMERICAN FAMILY. We are pleased to welcome Linda, the mother featured in Our American Family, who will be joining us via Zoom for a talkback following the screening. And joining us in person are Nick Loscocco, Options Coordinator for Lincoln County, and Sharon Bailey of Jefferson, active in organizing survivor support groups in the area.

“There’s Only One Place To Go After Rock Bottom.” Addiction is an all-encompassing force, in not only of the lives of the afflicted, but also those around them. OUR AMERICAN FAMILY provides an honest, unfiltered look at a close-knit Philadelphia family dealing with generational substance abuse. Captured at a pivotal “nothing to lose” moment, for over the course of a year, five family members tired of life with addiction on center stage, each struggle to transcend their crippling histories. What will it take to shift this entrenched, wrenching pattern in their lives? Will they be able to make significant shifts to help their next generation? The members of OUR AMERICAN FAMILY invite us into their lives to find hope and to explore what’s possible. Though they often falter, their familial loyalty is powerful, demonstrating how through love and dedication people can rise out of the deepest depths. For a touching, eye-opening look into one of America’s most pressing crises, look no further.

Running Time: 1 hour, 28 minutes

Official Selection – Woodstock Film Festival – 2021
Honorable Mention – Philadelphia Film Festival – 2021

OUR AMERICAN FAMILY features this brave family:

Linda is the mother featured in Our American Family. Having had a parent who struggled with anorexia nervosa, she learned at an early age how to minimize addictive behaviors. With an ex-husband and children who have attended multiple treatment centers over a span of many years, she shares lessons learned with other parents and families. As the founder of Hummingbird Yoga and Massage, Linda teaches individuals and other instructors, trauma and recovery informed mind/body practices. She is passionate about sharing her experiences through writing and film, helping those affected by addiction, continuing to “show up” and work hard alongside her family members.

Bryan is the stepfather in Our American Family. Bryan married his soulmate who had three children from a previous marriage. One year later, Bryan realized that his wife’s oldest child was struggling with a substance use disorder. He shifted from saving money for vacations to finding ways to pay for rehabs and therapists. Initially resentful of his struggling family members, Bryan spent the next 15 years learning about addiction in efforts to support his wife and their children. He and his wife Linda not only support their children, but also help raise their granddaughter—who is the number one person in Bryan’s life. Bryan is a landscaper for his family business who also finds peace working with the lathe.

Nicole is the oldest child featured in Our American Family. At one time, she was considered a “chronic relapser” with a heroin addiction. She attended over 15 treatment centers before achieving long-term sobriety. Today, Nicole has earned over five years of sobriety and works to help others as a certified recovery specialist. She has helped over 1000 people gain access to treatment. Her goal is to let other women and mothers know that no matter how low they are, they can “get there” and live a better life. She continues to work on herself and makes a decision every day to not use or get high.

Christopher Jr. is the oldest brother featured in Our American Family. Despite the fact that his father and sister struggled with substance use disorders, Christopher was prescribed opioids for pain after a surgery as a teenager. Christopher quickly became addicted to the opioids himself, which eventually led him to learn “Heroin 101” from his sister. Christopher spent years in and out of treatment centers. Today he is over one year sober. Christopher credits the fellowship of AA, meditation, exercise, and close bonds with his family and friends for his continued success. Part of Chris’s recovery journey is giving back. He is humbled by the power of sharing his story with others that walk a similar path.

Stephen is the youngest brother featured in Our American Family. As a child, due to the substance abuse in his family, Stephen often put his own feelings and needs aside, and was identified as the “lost child” – his accomplishments were often overshadowed by the urgent needs of his struggling siblings. Stephen joined Alateen and Al-Anon groups and sought independent counseling to work through the pressures of living with addiction in the home. He talks about letting go of resentments, finding gratitude, and honoring oneself. Stephen now holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and works to help other families and siblings touched by addiction.

To learn more, visit the  OUR AMERICAN FAMILY official website or TWIN SEAS MEDIA

Presented in partnership with Healthy Lincoln County