Create a lasting legacy with Planned Giving to Lincoln Theater!

It’s no secret that the future of Lincoln Theater depends upon the community’s goodwill. As an anchor in our downtown national historic district and a long- standing community treasure, the Lincoln Theater must sustain its legacy as a Main Street nexus for arts and entertainment for generations to come.

Through the Legacy Society, Lincoln Theater recognizes thoughtful and generous individuals who make provisions for the theater through their wills or estate plans. We invite you to create your own legacy by becoming a member of the Lincoln Theater Legacy Society with a provision in your will or estate plans. Gifts like these literally lay the foundation for future generations of Lincoln Theater lovers, creating a permanent remembrance for each planned-gift donor. When you join the Legacy Society, you demonstrate your commitment to sustaining a key community and cultural asset. With a will or an estate plan, provisions can be made for loved ones, and they can also serve other purposes for the greater good. Such legacy gifts can be a way of advancing ideals and values, continuing worthwhile traditions, and extending one’s generosity to a wider group of beneficiaries. Through charitable estate planning, you and your family can support the Lincoln Theater while receiving financial and philanthropic benefits in ways that are consistent with your own financial goals.

As a Legacy Society member, you will receive invitations to special Legacy Society events, receive a special Legacy Society present from us and have a special listing in our promotional trailer. Your gift will be recognized publicly, unless you prefer to give anonymously.

Making a planned gift to the Lincoln Theater helps enrich the cultural life of Maine, will keep Damariscotta’s downtown lively, and, through time, will bring joy to the lives of thousands. In addition, you will be making an eloquent and lasting personal statement… that the arts and historic preservation matter. If you are passionate about history and the arts, if you love this community, and if you believe that individuals can make a lasting difference in the world, what better way to be remembered than to join the Lincoln Theater Legacy Society.

There are a number of ways to go about making a planned gift. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Bequests through your will/trust
    • Gifts of Retirement-Plan Benefits
    • Gifts of Life Insurance Policies, and
    • Charitable Trusts

The most important thing when considering Planned Giving is that you do what is right for you. You may wish to consult your lawyer or tax advisor so they may assist you in deciding what is best for you and your wishes.

Have you already made a planned gift to Lincoln Theater?

Charlie Cook, guest speaker at Lincoln TheaterPlease let us know if you have already included the Lincoln Theater in your estate plans so that we may invite you to join the Lincoln Theater Legacy Society. We would like to recognize your generosity and thank you for your support, and we hope your gift will inspire others to make a similar commitment to the future of Lincoln Theater.

To learn more about Planned Giving at Lincoln Theater, please contact our Executive Director, Andrew Fenniman at (207) 563-3424 or by using the form below.

All inquiries are kept strictly confidential.

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