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Umberto Eco: A Library of the World

October 26, 2023 - October 27, 2023

October 26, 2023
October 27, 2023

Thu Oct 26 at 7 PM
Fri Oct 27 at 2 PM

A documentary immersion into all things Eco, Davide Ferrario’s film takes us on a tour of Umberto Eco’s private library, guided by the author himself. Combining new footage with material he shot with Eco in 2015 for a video installation for the Venice Biennale, Ferrario documents this incredible collection and the man who amassed it. As Eco leads us among the more than 50,000 volumes and his family reflects on his legacy, we also gain insight into the library of the mind of this vastly prolific and original thinker.

Umberto Eco: A Library of the World celebrates the man and his many bookshelves… a diverting and often enlightening pursuit.”
-Nicolas Rapold, The New York Times

“Lively and engaging…The best way to explore Eco’s world is via his actual body of work, and this picture made me want to revisit some of his literary labyrinths immediately.”
-Glenn Kenny, RogerEbert.com

Running Time: 1 hour, 20 minutes


“Libraries are men’s common memory,” Umberto Eco tells us, making it perfectly clear that books matter more than, well, almost anything. Umberto Eco; A Library of the World, documents the finest private library collection in the world, with a musical background you might remember from the fabulous film, Finding Forrester (which is a ‘watch once a year film,’ to be sure). It is a must-see film. Trust me.

Oh, the library! 50, 000 books. And the additional rooms that the books call home. Go just to see the amazing spaces he called his library – his private library. And the historians who let us in on some of the secrets; books printed hundreds of years ago sit in his library in pristine condition, as if they came from Amazon’s printers last week and arrived at Eco’s doorstep a few hours later.

And yes, maybe you could watch it on streaming, but on the big screen? You are there, in person.
Umberto Eco' Review: Remembering a Literary Explorer - The New York Times
“And who is Umberto Eco again?” I hear you ask. He is a writer. Okay, not just a writer, but more accurately, a perfect wordsmith. If you’re interested in complex fiction with perfect prose, read Foucault’s Pendulum first, and then attempt The Name of the Rose, which is perhaps his most famous work. He died in 2015, just a year after filming this masterpiece, and his insights and thoughts will give you an insider exposure to one of the great thinkers of his generation.

The other reason to see it? In an age where we value technology perhaps more than anything, it will remind you that books are not to be lost in the corner, like that old doll outgrown by our younger selves.

Christine Merser, is a film and television reviewer, living in Wiscasset Maine. She has a weekly podcast, Screen Thoughts, where she reviews films and television series which is part of Spotify’s Featured Podcasts, and is one of the few women film reviewers that have four star ratings from Apple and most podcast platforms. She has provided marketing and PR for emerging films and provides marketing consultation for Women in Film New England. 

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