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Free – “At The River” film screening and talkback with Filmmaker Carolyn Crowder

June 19, 2023

June 19, 2023

Mon Jun 19 at 2 PM

Lincoln Theater and Skidompha Library’s Chats With Champions is pleased to welcome filmmaker Carolyn Crowder for a free screening of her documentary film, At The River, and post-screening talkback. In recognition of Juneteenth, a national holiday commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans, the film “At The River” provides a snapshot of the history of racism in the American South. This free screening and talkback with Carolyn Crowder is intended to share her story and that of the Presbyterian Ministers who stood up for what they knew was right during a time of so many horrific wrongs being committed due to racist beliefs. On Juneteenth, we celebrate the freedom of those who were so wronged, and the bravery of these white ministers who took costly stands during the Civil Rights era in the Deep South… and are reminded that the work is never done.
At The River is a feature length documentary about a certain time and place in the deep south. In the Civil Rights era of the 50’s and 60’s most Presbyterian ministers stood on the banks of the cultural river of segregation and white supremacy. They opted not to stir the waters in their congregations and communities by speaking out. However, a few young southern Presbyterian ministers did brave those currents through their sermons, community organizing and participating in marches and protests. They faced dangerous, hate-filled consequences for these actions . At The River chronicles their lives and their decisions, as well as director Carolyn Crowder’s first-hand experience as a young white southern girl from Montgomery, Alabama. During those mean and turbulent times these ministers, through their love and example, had a huge impact on her life in helping her overcome her southern racist brainwashing.

Carolyn Crowder Director

Dr. Carolyn Crowder is a psychologist, author, filmmaker, and speaker. Passionate and knowledgable on many subjects, she is best known for her parenting books. She writes about parenting methods and attitudes that facilitate better relationships with children and practical advice for common problems. Her 1998 Backtalk was a bestseller. She has appeared on national television including 20/20, Dateline, The Today Show, The Early Show, and Lifetime Live, and been interviewed on TV and radio shows in major cities throughout the US. She was a teenager in Mongomery, Alabama in the 1960’s where she was active in the First Presbyterian Church. Her experience of those trying times inspired her to begin the At the River project.

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Running Time: 2 hours

This is a free event. Seats may be reserved, but no tickets or reservations are required to attend.

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